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We Shall Open Wide the Gates and Windows of this Institution

We Shall Open Wide the Gates and Windows of this Institution

Mt. Scopus
The Stern Little Gallery
Michal Mor,
Dr. Assaf Selser
Sonja Olitsky,
Dan Hochberg
Opening Date:
October, 2015

What made the event on Mount Scopus in the spring of 1925 so significant that many requested an invitation to attend, thousands came to Jerusalem and many others made sure to send their greetings? After the cornerstones were laid for the University on Mount Scopus, why was another ceremony needed? After scientific lectures had already been given, why did the heads of the University insist on inviting representatives of universities from around the world to Jerusalem to hear more lectures?

The Opening Ceremony of the University, including the main ceremony held in the amphitheater, was the central Zionist event held in Jerusalem throughout the period of the Mandate. The establishment of the Hebrew University by representatives of the Zionist Movement and representatives of the Yishuv marked the realization of a unique vision, whose foundations stretched back to the early days of Zionism. Before Jerusalem became an arena of nationalist conflicts, the City had merited hosting an immense national academic convention. This convention was meant to proclaim to the world that “We are Here״.

The University has since changed its appearance and its academic direction. Is the vision manifested and presented by the central speakers at the Opening Ceremony actually being realized?

Initiated by: Vice President & Director General Billy Shapira

This exhibition was erected to dedicate the 90th anniversary of the inauguration of the Hebrew University at Mount Scopus



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