Game of Lobes

| Caricaturists Sketch the Brain
Jerusalem Cinematheque
Michal Mor
Opening Date:
March, 2014
Closing Date:
April, 2014

"A man must know that from the brain, and only from the brain, come our pleasures, joys, laughter,  as well as our sadness, pain, suffering and tears, and especially — through it we think, see, hear,  and distinguish between good and bad and between pleasant and unpleasant".

(Hippocrates, 5th century BCE). 
There are some ten billion nerve cells in our brains. Each cell communicates through about 10,000  synapses (links) to neighboring cells in the nerve network. Thus broad nerve networks are created  in our brains which are composed of hundreds of thousands of cells linked to each other through  synapses which function as a collective — a large orchestra that creates "the music of the nerves .  This music is researched daily in the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences in the Hebrew  University. Researchers from various fields working together —  theoreticians, computer scientists,  cognitive and biological psychologists — are carrying out outstanding interdisciplinary research that  leads to new understandings on the relationship between "material" and "spirit", on the question  of free will and awareness and on a series of questions that are related to the essence of man and  his uniqueness in nature. 
The Center views great importance in making the research accessible to the public. Thus a creative  partnership has developed between researchers of the brain and caricaturists from around the Country.  In cooperation with the "Shpitz Project" the works you see have been collected and provide a  glimpse into the wonders of the brain with touches of imagination and humor in lines, color and a  serious of pictures that create a story. 
This Exhibit creates a dialogue which connects the world of the scientist acting within the  framework of the customary rules of scientific methodology, and the modern artist who is free to  choose topics and manner of presentation that he strives to reach in his creation. Common to both  is imagination, intuition, searching, experimenting, satisfaction and disappointment that accompany  the work of creation. This resemblance is what enables theכIt is our hope that this project will serve as a foundation  for ongoing dialogue that will produce interesting understandings and will be an inspiration for  additional creation — both artistic and scientific. 


Project editor I Nissim Hezkiyahu 
Production I Alona Narkiss 
The Exhibit is supported by the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem