Preserving the story of nature

Givat Ram Edmond J. Safra
Lubin building
Michal Mor,
Dr. Efrat Gavish-Regev
Dan Hochberg,
Sonja Olitsky
Opening Date:
April, 2017

The Natural History Collections at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem enable us to study the animals, plants and minerals of the Land of Israel and the Mediterranean basin. The Natural History Collections are an integral part of the heritage of the society and the state. The natural treasures that document our environment from the geological era up to the present day are deposited in the national collections and represent variability through time and space for each species. The National Natural History Collections form a reliable and readily available repository for comparing and studying the changes that constantly occur in the flora and fauna of our surroundings. The information obtained here is unique and of great importance for the study of extinct species, for the development of nature conservation programs, and for the advancement of agriculture and medicine. Through the use of comparative collections, DNA tests deriving from specimens in the collections, and other modern methods, scientists can identify species and determine the variability (e.g. morphological, genetic) within species and among close species. Every description of a species new to science also designates a holotype, which represents the species’ characters and bears its name. Beyond this wall you can find out about the work of evolutionary biologists and naturalists, see selected specimens and experience the work of a taxonomist.

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