Evolution and Theory 1995-1998

Givat Ram Edmond J. Safra
The Suzanne and Charles Goodman Brain Sciences Building
Opening Date:
4 June, 2018

An exploration of human nature, and the human figure as part of the natural

environment, have been prevailing themes in Ben-David’s work. Animals, plants and

invisible natural forces, like gravity and light, are used as metaphors and tools to

examine and explore human behaviour.

Ben-David’s ability to communicate can be seen as an infinite string of unconscious

elements exploring our identity and testing our ideas and emotions.Scientific

discoveries and innovation, as well as illusion and magic, create a series of

propositions in Ben-David’s work concerning the absurd, as well as the hope,

inherent in the human condition.


Evolution and Theory is my first installation and is still the largest.

Most of the images were inspired by illustrations found in late nineteenth-century scientific

books. There are 250 sculptures, all hand cut from aluminium sheet and hand painted.

Individual pieces range in size from 20 cm to 2.8 metres high. Large and small pieces are

juxtaposed, seemingly at random, their bases concealed by a thin layer of fine sand. The

installation occupies a floor area of 400 square metres and took three years to complet.


What Makes Us Human


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