About the Donor

The Hebrew University arts collection catalog was created courtesy of the Waks family in memory of Sylvia Waks.

Sylvia was born in the city of Warsaw, the daughter of  Luzer and Fela Dzialoszynski. She spent her early years in the town of Brezina. She was very close with her mother’s family, a distinguished artistic family from the town of Tomasaw, named Badover.
Sylvia was intelligent, well read and well-rounded. She was her grandchildren’s personal Google for information, the subjects varying from Napolean, Greek mythology and Shakespeare to music, fashion and the arts.  Her love of art knew no bounds and this passion  extended to music and movies as well.  She also loved to travel and was happiest when she was in Italy.
Sylvia’s greatest love was her family. She married Henry Waks on November 2, 1952.  They had two boys, Jay and Freddie. Henry and Sylvia were inseparable sharing their passions for family, the arts and their sheer love of life.
Sylvia enriched and touched all of the lives of the people that she met, and those who knew her will always carry reminders of her passion, her generosity and her love.
Sylvia passed away peacefully on December 20, 2009.