Innovators Way

Givat Ram Edmond J. Safra
Mt. Scopus
Mt. Scopus: Between the Main Forum and Law Faculty. Safra: Front of Wise Auditorium
Boaz Mendel & Ron Yosef - Four'n'Five, Design Group
תאריך פתיחה:
מרץ, 2012

Innovators Way presents the groundbreaking inventions and innovations of researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. These creative initiatives came about as the result of intensive and wide-ranging scientific research, followed by patent registration, commercialization and finally marketing by Israeli and international companies. The innovations have brought benefit to man and to his general quality of life in a variety of areas: health, agriculture, technology and environmental protection.
The Hebrew University is a vibrant center of pioneering research in all areas of human knowledge. The university is ranked among the leading institutions of higher learning in the world, and its scientists are to be found in the forefront of international research.

Yissum – the Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University is solely responsible for the commercialization of innovations and technologies originating at the university. The company was among the first of its kind in the world when it was established in 1964, and is today ranked among the world’s 15 leading companies in this field. Yissum has until now registered more than 7,000 patents on more than 2,000 inventions, and has established 72 spin-off companies.

The exhibition was initiated by the Department of Media Relations. Project director: Orit Sulitzeanu
Prof. N. Kedar Photo by Muki Schwartz