Commemoration Corner For Lea Goldberg

| 1970-1911
Mt. Scopus
Outside the Central Library
Michal Mor
Tal Gur,
Omri Ben Artzi,
Yael Gur
תאריך פתיחה:

Prof. Lea Goldberg was a faculty member at The Hebrew University for twenty years, from the early 1950s until she passed away. She was behind the establishment of the Department of Comparative Literature and headed it for a decade. To commemorate her 100th birthday, the University has chosen to set up a memorial corner that is open to the public.
The memorial extends across three panels, each in the form of a book representing a major chapter in Prof. Goldberg’s life and arranged chronologically: her time in Europe, in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. The display incorporates original books and copies of her manuscripts. Also featured are recordings of Lea Goldberg reading from her poetry and lecturing, along with recordings of well-known Israeli songs composed to her lyrics. Alongside the display panels are items from Lea Goldberg's office at the University: some chairs, a desk and a bookcase. Next to these is a sitting and study area for students and visitors.
The display and the sitting area were built with the help of the Zvia and Yerachmiel Berlinsky fund. Zvia was a pioneer nurse in Haifa and Jerusalem and her husband worked at The Hebrew University from the 1930s.
Writer and academic advisor: Dr. Gideon Tikotzky
We thank all our partners in this project for their donations:
Management of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Association for the Commemoration of Lea Goldberg and her works, Lawyer Yair Landau
Gnazim Archives, Tel Aviv
The Hebrew University Archives
Hakibbutz Hameuchad -Sifriat Poalim Publishing Group
Am Oved Publishers