In Our Eyes

| Visualizing Community Development
Mt. Scopus
Social Sciences, Bloc 7
Boaz Mendel & Ron Yosef - Four'n'Five, Design Group
תאריך פתיחה:
11 אפריל, 2013

Community development is a long-term, value-based process, aimed at improving communities’ abilities to shape their own futures. In today's world, due to inequalities and power structures, many people and communities lack access to opportunities to improve
their lives. These excluded communities can be found in every society around the world, and are becoming increasingly vulnerable.
Community development is about enhancing and channeling the community’s own knowledge and experience to change their reality, confronting the underlying causes of inequality and creating a reality in which individuals and communities have the ability to make their own choices.
As students of Community Development, we believe that individuals need basic dignity to be able to learn and share in order to find their own voices - thus becoming resilient communities.


Presented by: The students of the Glocal Community-Development MA program, following their internships with development organizations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Academic Supervision: Liora Norwich and Aya Navon
Artistic consultant: Michal Mor
Design and production: Ron Yosef and Boaz Mendel
Thanks to the generous support of the Faculty of Social Science and the Dean of Students