Between Times

| Scientific Drawing Takes On a New Look
Mt. Scopus
Stern Little Gallery
Michal Mor
Sonja Olitsky,
Dan Hochberg
תאריך פתיחה:
17 אוקטובר, 2013
תאריך סגירה:
מרץ, 2014

To look, to see, and then to look again in a different way at the intricate drawings inlaid in pieces of period furniture. Ornate clusters of furniture, like islands after a shipwreck, inviting the viewer to move in time.
Beyond the visible, into the words and beyond, a new world is revealed, a world of fiction and fantasy.
For 47 years, Sarah Holbreich, a scientific painter from the Institute of Archeology, used a magnifying glass, pencils of different thicknesses, a technical pen and a sharp eye to capture scientific findings and breathe life into them. Through the history of the object, its narrative, the discovery of new Zoological species, she told the story of the Land of Israel, its past and its culture.
As if by magic, technical drawings, taken for scientific purposes, are expropriated from their surroundings and accompanied by texts, allowing a new world to unravel before us.
These days, when summer is over and the seasons are shifting, there is no more appropriate time to present the artist’s work in a new light.
The exhibition was made possible with the assistance of the University administration and the Institute of Archeology.